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can i cosplay all of these? kthnx

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"Everyone’s a whore…we just sell different parts of ourselves.”

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Peaky Blinders + Space (asked by gaskells)

Peaky Blinders + Space (asked by gaskells)

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the s h e l b y brothers

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A few more from the set of In the Heart of the Sea last week. Looking forward to better quality ones, but have to post these because smile!!

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Cillian Murphy (2nd mate Matthew Joy), Benjamin Walker (Captain Pollard) and Chris Hemsworth (first mate Owen Chase) commuting to and from the Heart of the Sea set last weekend. Some additional photos surfaced; looks like Cillian and Chris are sporting some bruises. Ouch. (click to enlarge)

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Q: What else is coming up for you at the moment? Some film projects? (X)

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Breaking news, guys. Renly Baratheon is Loki. xD  

His companion was a man near twenty whose armor was steel plate of a deep forest-green. He was the handsomest man Sansa had ever set eyes upon; tall and powerfully made, with jet-black hair that fell to his shoulders and framed a clean-shaven face, and laughing green eyes to match his armor. Cradled under one arm was an antlered helm, its magnificent rack shimmering in gold.

(c) A Song of Ice and Fire, book I, A Game of Thrones.

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how to go from being adorably cute to frickle frackling gorgeous in the course of one musical sequence: a song by elsa

This was one of my favourite scenes from Frozen because Elsa’s finally able to relax and be herself. You can see it in all the tiny details, like the way her shoulders move along with the music as she walks, and she moves her head freely where before she held herself very stiff and only titled her head a little. Her body language is also more like Anna in the first two gifs

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Alternate Endings - Lion King - See more at

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episode IV - a painfully oblivious new hope

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